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Cooling and meat shipments from Buenos Aires to Hamburg

Argentina is one of the ten largest countries in the world. Argentina's agricultural heartland is the pampas, huge grassy steppes on which cattle are raised. The most famous main export product is still the meat of the Black Angus. Despite the approximately 56 million cattle living in Argentina, the living conditions for the animals are better than in Germany. Sufficient space, pure and mineral-rich water and a wide variety of grass types allow for a species-appropriate life.
TSM imports fresh meat and refrigerated transports from all Argentinean cities, especially Buenos Aires, Gran Rosario, Gran Mendoza and Grand La Plata to the German domestic market. We guarantee freshness, safety and quality.
On request, we take care of customs clearance including the completion of all formalities (preparation of documents and certificates), e.g. from meat imports.
We transport your meat or refrigerated transport in 20 or 40 foot refrigerated containers from start to destination. The port of destination is usually Hamburg, but we also offer international transport to Rotterdam, from where the beef is then imported.

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