Air freight: TSM brings your goods to their destination quickly

Cargo by plane to Asia, South America and overseas

It is often necessary to get a consignment fast and uncomplicated from you to a distant customer. We treat your consignment very individually.

Your freight is quickly transported from your staging point to the airports, and from there directly to its destination. With us, quick feedback and absolute trust are our first motto.
Ask us about transporting your goods by plane to Asia, South America and overseas.
The TSM freight forwarder brings your goods to their destination quickly and reliably!
For the respective destination country, you will find further information for transport by air on the country pages:
Air freight USA
Air freight Japan
Air freight India
An overview of your benefits and the key features of our air freight service:
  • Speed
    Air freight offers the shortest transit times of any carrier.
  • Reliability
    As international flight routes are scheduled almost down to the minute, your shipments can be precisely planned and coordinated.
  • Safety
    The high safety standards at all airlines and
    airports mean that valuable or sensitive shipments can be transported safely and
  • Short-term capital commitment
    The time advantage of aircraft transport puts you in a position to meet you delivery agreements more quickly.
Find out more about our flexible air freight solutions and send us a price enquiry.
TSM Germany to ensure that your goods reach their destination safely by air freight!

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