Transports to Sri Lanka

Air freight and sea freight to and from Colombo

Import and export of tea, rubber, textiles and clothing

Transport for the Ex and import by sea freight, air freight or combined transport by truck to the destination from and to Sri Lanka, especially to and from Colombo, Kandy, Anuradhapura and Jaffna, we realize quickly and effectively. Our cargo transports are monitored via telemetry data throughout the transport so that goods can be located at any time.
We transport refrigerated transport in a special refrigerated container so that every food transport is always provided with the right temperature. For every refrigerated transport to Sri Lanka, we therefore guarantee a closed cold chain, from the start to the destination.
Customs regulations, which must be strictly adhered to when exporting and importing consignments to and from Sri Lanka, as well as the picking and formalities of the import regulations in Sri Lanka, are also carried out by the logistics experts of our forwarding agency.
Our main ports of call / destinations in Sri Lanka are:
Colombo, Kandy, Anuradhapura and Jaffna.
A global partner network is the key to our success.
The main export products of Sri Lanka are clothing textiles, tea, cut gemstones (in particular corundum such as ruby ​​and sapphire), rubber and coconuts.
Imported goods to Sri Lanka include textiles, mineral products, petroleum, machinery and equipment, food and transport equipment.
If you have questions about a conventional transport (FCL, LCL) or a refrigerated transport by sea freight, air freight or a combined transport to Sri Lanka, then contact us! We're here to help!
Our team in Hamburg stands for fast, cheapest and reliable transport solutions from Sri Lanka to Germany or from Germany to Sri Lanka. An exact planning of container transport saves freight costs.
Save on transport costs between Sri Lanka and Germany with the right logistics solution for your request.
Contact us at + 49- (0) 40-49 29 38-0.

Sea freight Sri Lanka

  • Collection and full containers
  • Project shipments
  • Import shipments
  • Export shipments
  • Ex works delivery

Air freight Sri Lanka

  • Direct connections to Sri Lanka
  • Sea Air Verladungen
  • Door to door service
  • Express service
  • Escort Services

Handling the shipment

  • Complete container shipments (FCL)
  • Collection container (LCL, FCL)
  • Conventional shipments
  • Full transport (to the port)
  • Sea transport (to the container port)
  • Tracking the freight
  • After transport (from the port to the receiver)
  • Customs clearance in Germany and Sri Lanka

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