Import car tires from China

Import tires and auto parts:

Put in the import of tires and auto parts from China incl. Customs clearance and import regulations in our competence.

We import auto tire and auto parts by sea.

Frequently imported goods from China are:
- Car Tire
- Auto parts
- seals
- Spare Parts
Mostly we import goods from China from the following cities:
Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Chongqing and Shenyang

Customs, formalities, import regulations
We take on request customs clearance including the completion of all formalities (builds of documents and certificates).
TSM Hamburg: car tires imported by sea to Germany (EU)
TSM Germany GmbH
Norderelbstrasse 15
20457 Hamburg

Phone + 49- (0) 40-49 29 38-0
Fax + 49- (0) 40-49 29 38-29
Partners:Apollo Cargo Alliance
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